Theme Analysis- “I’ve Got Gloria”

Katie Kunz

Mr. Durfee

                                         “I’ve Got Gloria” Theme

            Yesterday we read the short story, “I’ve Got Gloria”. We talked about the theme and what we think it is based around. I thought that it talked more about the revenge Scott Perkins wanted and the guilt he felt after. He wanted “Revenge” on Mrs. Whitman, The math teacher that flunked him “on purpose,” He Feels that he must tell her something that will terrify her the way she terrified him when he saw his “F” in math.

 He starts by calling her from a restricted number, Mrs. Whitman Answers. He tells her that he has taken her dog, Gloria. The most precious thing to her, he continues by saying that he wants one thousand dollars for ransom money. She answers and tells him she cannot afford that much. Scott does not care; he replies and insists a thousand dollars! Scott says do what I say and I will call you back later.

            After the call he begins to feel guilty and he doesn’t know what to do. He talks to his dad about the fact that Mrs. Whitman did not flunk him because she hate him,  He was flunked cause he did not try his hardest! Scott calls and tells Mrs. Whitman that he never really had her dog. She replies and says I know she came home after you hung up….Goodbye Scott Perkins. He says good bye but realizes that she knew his name, and what will happen in summer school.

             Discussion Question!

“Why do you think that Scott Felt the way he did after he realized what he had actually done to Mrs. Whitman?”


  • #   shannonevans on 09.21.11 at 4:33 pm     Reply

    Hey KK. I think Scott felt that way was because he realized that Mrs. Whitman didn’t fail him on purpose, and felt guilty because she was probably really worried about Gloria. What do you think?

    -Shannon :)

  • #   katiekunz on 09.22.11 at 4:12 am     Reply

    I Feel the same way Shan! And maybe he felt bad because he was actually starting to think about what he was doing! And He knew it wasnt right!


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