“I’ve Got Gloria”

“I’ve Got Gloria” by M. E. Kerr is a short story from No Easy Answers it is about a teenage boy named Scott who fails his math class. To get revenge on the teacher he claims to have dog napped the math teacher’s dog, Gloria. He questions his actions while talking to his dad. One of the themes: talking is good.

            Talking is good is one of the themes because it helps Scott think through his actions more carefully while his dad lectures him on taking responsibility. Scott’s dad also tries to get Scott to talk to him and tell him why he failed math making Scott start taking responsibility for his actions starting with admitting it was his fault he failed math. Scott most likely would have gone through with his plans of ransom with only guilt if his dad had left him alone. The author is trying to say that talking is good.

            Talking is good is one of the many themes you can get from “I Got Gloria.” And it brings a question to mind, what course of action would you take if you found yourself posing as a dognapper for revenge?

-Erin K.

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